LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care, Part 2: Discussing Equitable Healthcare Access

This is the second episode of our special coverage about equitable access to healthcare, specifically LGTBQ+ inclusive care. Part 2 features an in-depth conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine, United States Assistant Secretary for Health and Adrian Shanker, Founder and Executive Director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.

As part of their conversation Dr. Levine and Adrian Shanker address common disparities that exist for racial, ethnic and gender minorities. They also discuss how our healthcare system could be better designed to promote equitable access to care and well-being. This includes what happens when providers adopt cultural competency and humility in their practice and the roles that health education and research can play.

Rachel L. Levine, M.D.

Dr. Levine is the 17th Assistant Secretary for Health for the United States Department of Health and Human Services or HHS. Prior to serving in this position, Dr. Levine was Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health. 

Adrian Shanker

Adrian Shanker is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is the editor of the book, Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health.

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