Exploring Systemic Solutions to Growing Mental Health Needs

This episode is part of an ongoing series about mental health integration services as part of the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium’s (NNCC's) work through the Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership and Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program.

In this episode, NNCC Executive Director Sarah Hexem Hubbard sits down with Dr. Ivan Haskell, Executive Director of the Joseph J. Peters Institute (JJPI) in Philadelphia. Dr. Haskell discusses the growing need for affordable access to therapy services, and the many legal, regulatory, and logistical barriers people face while seeking therapy. The episode highlights the disproportionate impact that these barriers have on low-income patients of color, which make up a large portion of JJPI and NNCC’s client bases.

The episode also discusses various changes that could improve access to therapy, including reforms to insurance policies and reimbursement, the expansion of telehealth, and easing burdens on providers.

In case you missed the first episode of our mental health series, we recommend you go back and listen to that episode first. We speak to two mothers currently receiving therapeutic services through the Joseph J. Peters Institute. Both mothers share their experience, including changes in how they view their role as a parent, learning to cope with childhood trauma, and the impact that access to therapy has made in their lives so far.

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