Interested in Mentoring Nursing Students?

Jul 21, 2022

The PA-AC Cohort of Exchanged Learning (PA-ACCEL) is a mentorship program partnership between the Pennsylvania Action Coalition Nurse Diversity Council and Lincoln University’s Department of Nursing. Mentors will work with junior and senior nursing students to bolster their capacity to succeed in nursing school and their transition to nursing practice. We are looking for nurses from all disciplines intent on expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce to mentor nursing students.

Mentors are asked for a 2-year commitment if matched with a junior student. And a 1-year commitment if matched with a senior. Mentors can meet with mentees virtually or in person at least once a month. The program will begin in September and will include training to introduce you to the program, the comprehensive resources we will provide for both mentors and mentees, and the PA-ACCEL Program Support Team.

If you are interested, please complete the SurveyMonkey below by Monday, August 15. We encourage nursing professionals in any role to apply.

For more information about the PA-ACCEL Mentorship Program, visit the PA Action Coalition website. If you have any questions, please contact PA-AC Manager Zaharaa Davood at .