Refugee Healthcare Up-Close, Part 1: Erie

This story is the first of two episodes that focus on refugee healthcare and how nurses are improving their healthcare experience. In this episode, we travel to Erie, Pennsylvania to spend time at the Multicultural Health Evaluation Delivery System (MHEDS). MHEDS is the primary care provider for incoming newly resettled refugees and immigrants, and effectively provides culturally competent care because of their unique staff. We meet refugees working as medical assistants, patient coordinators, and interpreters and hear from the organization’s nurses and healthcare administrators about what it takes to run a clinic that addresses the specific needs for a population with limited resources.

For more information about the Multicultural Health Evaluation Delivery System (MHEDS) mentioned in this episode, please visit the link below:

Multicultural Health Evaluation Delivery System (MHEDS)

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Amplify Nursing Special Episode: Dr. Laura Vargas and Dr. Adriana Perez

In their latest episode, Amplify Nursing speaks with Dr. Laura Vargas and Dr. Adriana Perez, two scholars whose research focuses on Latinx immigrant populations in the US. They discuss the challenges our immigrant communities face during this pandemic, how health and healthcare disparities in the Latinx immigrant communities are being magnified, and what needs to happen moving forward to start to solve the complex issues both during and after the pandemic.



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