nurse practitioner The Pennsylvania Action Coalition (PA-AC) encourages the growth of nurse leaders by providing networking opportunities and education opportunities. The PA-AC also serves as the state liaison to the Nurses on Boards Coalition

Strong leadership is a critical component of a transformed healthcare system. The nursing profession must produce leaders, who can serve as partners with other health professionals and be accountable for their own contributions to delivering high-quality care.

Nurses need to serve in leadership positions, including on governing boards. Appointing nurses to serve on their boards can help guide management and make improvements. Nurse leaders can provide a valuable perspective that balances the business of healthcare with clinical and patient outcomes. More nurses need to manage health systems and lead health care transformation. They need to position themselves as valued partners in health care improvement.

Nurses on health-related boards can translate their knowledge of bedside care, humanitarian approaches to care and quality & risk management to practice. Collaboration ensures that healthcare is safely delivered to patients and their families, and improves healthcare quality.

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Key Initiatives

  • Provide networking opportunities: Increase participation in PA-AC Councils to foster collaboration and increase leadership capacity
  • Provide education opportunities: 
    • The CNO Subcommitee of the PA-AC Advisory Board partnered with the Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders (PONL) to create a Future of Nursing webinar series. The series consisted of three parts that addressed leadership, education, and patient safety. Click here to view the series.
    • The Southwest Regional Team of the PA-AC also created an opportunity for 17 nurses in the Pittsburgh area to participate in the Bayer Center's BoardsWork! Training and board placement program 

Nurses on Boards Coalition

The Pennsylvania Action Coalition serves as the state liaison to the Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC) – the campaign to ensure that at least 10,000 nurses are on boards by 2020. As of now 6,458 nurses serve on boards nationwide! The NOBC’s goal is to improve the health of communities across the country through the service of nurses on boards and other bodies. Be counted with the Nurses on Boards Coalition

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