nurse practitioner The Pennsylvania Action Coalition works actively on initiatives designed to improve consumer experience through better access to high-quality care and fostering interprofessional collaboration to improve quality and safety of care.

Removing the scope-of-practice barriers allows nurses to contribute to a patient-centered, seamless, transformed healthcare system. The Campaign for Action is leading efforts to modernize outdated policies (public and private), change state and federal laws and regulations, and remove cultural and organizational barriers.

Private and public funders, health care organizations, nursing education programs, and nursing associations should expand opportunities for nurses to lead and manage collaborative efforts with physicians and other members of the health care team to conduct research and to redesign and improve practice environments and health systems. These entities should also provide opportunities for nurses to diffuse successful practices. Nurses are at the forefront of redesigning care. Nurses can transform practice to be safer and more responsive to the needs of patients and their families.

Key Initiatives

  • Increase consumer access to high quality care: The PA-AC and its partners actively support efforts to modernize scope of practice in Pennsylvania. For ongoing efforts to increase access to care delivered by nurses practitioners, visit PA Coalition of Nurse Practitioners Care for PA and stay tuned in 2019 legislation. 
  • Foster and disseminate interprofessional collaboration to improve quality and safety of care: PA-AC works to create forums that promote nurses spearheading healthcare innovations and working in interdisciplinary teams such as the Innovation Video Contest and the Social Innovations in Nursing Journal edition. The PA-AC is also committed to eliminating preventable deaths in partnership with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s APSS for 0X2020

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