nurse practitioner Diversity is a key priority at both the state and national levels and is intended to help narrow the health care disparity gap, support the importance of a diverse workforce, and help prepare nurses to care for an increasingly diverse population. By increasing diversity throughout the health care and nursing workforce, we endeavor to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality, patient-centered care in a health care system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success.

The Nurse Diversity Council (NDC) of the Pennsylvania Action Coalition is a volunteer council dedicated to promoting diversity and cultural humility in nursing to increase access to high-quality, patient-centered care in a health care system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success. The NDC aims to enhance nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills regarding diversity, foster culturally humble care and promote inclusion in the nursing workforce.  

Key Initiatives

  • Fostering culturally humble care: The Pennsylvania Action Coalition’s NDC partnered with Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions to present the second Pennsylvania Healthcare Mosaic conference. The 2018 conference focused on themes of health equity, cultural competence, and cultural humility. Several presentations and panels explored the complex relationships between inclusion, discrimination, social determinants of health and health outcomes through both research and practical delivering perspectives
  • Identify and support diversity mentorship programs: The NDC collaborates with nursing schools, professional organizations, and health systems to foster diversity and promote inclusion in the nursing pipeline. In 2018, the Pennsylvania Action Coalition supported seven organizations with grants to build a workforce inclusive of individuals underrepresented in the nursing field. Through the support and implementation of workforce development and mentorship initiatives, the NDC strives to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Nurse Diversity Council (NDC)

  • NDC Membership: The NDC welcomes the expertise and engagement of anyone in Pennsylvania committed to promoting a diverse and culturally humble workforce. Members of the NDC represent diverse backgrounds throughout Pennsylvania from a variety of health and healthcare settings. The NDC members meet every other month via conference call for one hour to share progress on their action plans.
  • Gracious Space: The NDC meetings and events embrace the philosophy of Gracious Space to respect and honor diversity and facilitate discussion. Gracious Space is a spirit and setting where we invite the stranger and embrace learning in public. To invite the stranger is defined as being open to diverse perspectives in order to gain clarity. To embrace learning in public is defined as truly listening to new thoughts or conflicting ideas, with openness to changing our minds.

Pennsylvania's Healthcare Mosaic Conference

Pennsylvania’s Healthcare Mosaic Conference is a biennial conference that gathers health and social service providers to share ideas surrounding diversity and open dialogue about health disparities. 

Pennsylvania's Healthcare Mosaic: Advocacy & Equity in Action (Virtual) (2021). Conference objectives listed below:

  • Identify culturally competent care practices among academic, clinical, community, and other stakeholders
  • Discuss impact of health policy and advocacy on health, healthcare delivery and outcomes
  • Examine current policy and evidence-based practices in addressing social determinants of health, health disparities, and health equity
  • Analyze sources of explicit and implicit bias and how they affect patient care, community health, and healthcare policy

Click here to view the Healthcare Mosaic 2021 conference program

Pennsylvania's Healthcare Mosaic: Achieving Excellence in Care for All (2018). Conference objectives listed below:

  • Describe equity, inclusion, and cultural competency as key to mitigating health disparities and improving health outcomes
  • Discuss the concepts of racism and discrimination and how they impact population health
  • Summarize the current state of the science on social determinants of health as opportunities for shaping policy and improving health outcomes
  • Outline strategies to advance diversity and inclusivity initiatives within academic, practices, and research settings 

Click here to watch a video of the keynote speaker, Deputy Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, PhD, RN, FAAN speak at the 2018 Healthcare Mosaic

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Click here to view the Healthcare Mosaic 2018 conference program 

Pennsylvania's Healthcare Mosaic: Building a Culture of Health Equity (2016). Conference objectives listed below: 

  • Discuss the concept of health equity and its relationship to health disparities 
  • Explain the relevance of cultural humility to the delivery of health care to vulnerable populations in the state of Pennsylvania 
  • Apply evidence based culturally competent strategies within one's health care practice
  • Disseminate the tools to incorporate evidence based culturally competent strategies in one's practice setting 

Click here to view the Healthcare Mosaic 2016 conference program

Nurses of Pennsylvania Campaign

As part of the #nursesofPA campaign, the Pennsylvania Action Coalition created 21 short videos featuring nurses from across the state of Pennsylvania. These videos capture the diverse experiences of nurses from all different backgrounds, scopes of practice, geographic locations, ages, and levels of expertise. Nurses share their unique narratives and explore their journeys, challenges, and successes in nursing. Click here to access these videos.


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