Housing is Health: COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination within Public Housing Communities

In this episode, we speak with registered nurses, JoAnne Ivory and Dora Loya from TCA Health. They share how they set up and have run COVID-19 vaccination clinics at various public housing community sites in Chicago. They also discuss how they are adapting to the growing demand for COVID-19 testing.

JoAnne Ivory is TCA Health’s Clinical Manager and Dora Loya is the Director of Clinical Services. They both specialize in community health work with public housing residents in Chicago.

TCA Health started as a private clinic in 1970, within one of Chicago’s public housing developments, and later became a non-profit health care center and a Section 330 Community Health Center and Public Housing Primary Care grantee.

JoAnne Ivory RN, BSN

JoAnne Ivory TCA Health’s Clinical Manager.

Dora Loya, MBA, BSN, RN

Dora Loya is the Director of Clinical Services. 

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