Expansion of Community-Based Interventions for HCV

In this episode, we focus on community-based hepatitis interventions for the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and learn more about one of Philadelphia’s efforts where nurses and patient navigators collaborate to test and treat HCV.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, injection drug use accounts for up to 70% of new HCV cases in the United States. If treated, however, most HCV cases clear up in eight to twelve weeks through medication and primary care provider oversight. Prior to 2011, that was not the case. HCV treatment was managed by an infectious disease or liver specialist and required 24 to 48 weeks for a combination of weekly injections and oral medication with severe side effects. 

To dive into this topic, we’re joined by Bibbi Stokes, an Infectious Diseases Nurse Manager and experienced Population Health Manager at Public Health Management Corporation. Our conversation touches on the game changers within HCV treatment, including the switch to an all-oral antiviral treatment allowing for more community-based HCV treatment.

Bibbi Stokes, RN

Bibbi Stokes is an Infectious Diseases Nurse Manager and Population Health Manager at Public Health Management Corporation.

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