Trust a Nurse, Ask a Nurse: Building Vaccine Confidence Through Telehealth

As part of our Special Report series, we shift our focus from nursing burnout to an innovative nurse-based initiative to build vaccine confidence in California.

In this episode, we speak to Lizett Leandro about her work as a consultant for the Trust A Nurse, Ask A Nurse program, a telehealth platform created by HealthImpact. The program relies on volunteer nurses to field vaccination questions from community members. Lizett helped create the initiative’s informational template and shares her experience with this type of public health outreach.

Lizett Leandro, BSN, RN

Lizett Leandro is the Director of Clinical Services and Quality for a senior living non-profit in Southern California and a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Consultant at HealthImpact. She oversees nursing education policy and procedures and quality improvement for skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

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