How Compassion and Relationships Reduce Chronic Stress

In this episode, we hear about the impact of chronic stress on personal and community health from two longtime community health professionals, Uzuri Pease-Greene and Jeneen Skinner. Interviewed by Jillian Bird, Director of Training and Technical Assistance at the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, Pease-Greene and Skinner share their experiences working at the community level along with the lessons they have learned and the importance of trust to relationship building.

Jeneen Skinner works in Camden, New Jersey and is the Senior Clinical Manager for care management initiatives for the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and Uzuri Pease-Greene is the Executive Director of Community Awareness Resource Entity (C.A.R.E.) in San Francisco.

To learn more about the issues discussed in this episode, check out a related training webinar available online: Chronic Stress, Housing, and Health: Patient Experiences and Strategies for Comprehensive Care.

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