Empowered Voices: Advocating for Black Maternal Health Equity

In this compelling podcast episode, we are joined by guest Shukriyyah Mitchell Hinton, BSN, RN, the Senior Director of Outreach and Advocacy from the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) who leads a poignant conversation with Saleemah McNeil, CLC, MS, MFT, and Imani Davis. Together, they delve into the systemic challenges facing Black maternal health in Philadelphia and beyond. From personal experiences to community initiatives, they explore the multifaceted efforts to address disparities through advocacy, education, and support. As they navigate through discussions on mental health, home visiting programs, and legislative advocacy, they bring light to the ongoing struggles for maternal health equity. 

This episode coincides with Black Maternal Health Week. To learn more about virtual and in-person events scheduled in Philadelphia, please visit bmhwphilly.org for more information. 

Shukriyyah Mitchell-Hinton, BSN, RN

Shukriyyah Mitchell-Hinton is the Senior Director of Outreach and Advocacy at the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium.

Saleemah McNeil, CLC, MS, MFT

Saleemah McNeil is a reproductive psychotherapist and founder of the Oshun Family Center in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. 

Imani Davis

Imani Davis is a lived experience expert and community specialist for organizations including Strategy Arts and the Community Action Network (CAN). 

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