Courage in the Dark: Understanding Intimate Partner Violence, Part 2

Content Disclaimer: This episode contains discussions about intimate partner violence that some listeners may find disturbing or difficult to hear.

This episode marks the second part of our two-part series on intimate partner violence (IPV). In our previous episode, we heard from Kalena Brown, an IPV survivor who shared her journey of overcoming immense challenges and using her voice to educate and support others.

In this episode, we dive deeper into the topic with Lizz Tooher, RN, MPH and Mac Taylor, who reference Kalena's story as they discuss IPV in Philadelphia and beyond.

Lizz Tooher is a public health nurse and the Senior Director of Child Health and Education at the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC), working closely with families raising children under five years old. Mac Taylor is a Paralegal with the Health Education and Legal Assistance Project (HELP MLP) at Widener University, collaborating with NNCC to support families enrolled in home visiting programs across Philadelphia.

Home visitors, like those in the Mabel Morris Family Home Visit program, play a crucial role in screening for IPV and providing support to survivors. It's essential to recognize that IPV extends beyond physical violence, impacting survivors psychologically, emotionally, and financially. Lizz and Mac share their insights into the challenges faced by survivors, the importance of building trust and community connections, and the systemic barriers to accessing resources. Through their discussion, they shed light on the complexities of IPV and advocate for improved support systems.

Join us as we explore the multifaceted nature of intimate partner violence and the role of healthcare providers and communities in addressing this critical issue.

Lizz Tooher, RN, MPH

Lizz Tooher, MPH, RN is Senior Director of Child and Health Services for the Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program. In her role, Lizz leads a team of registered nurses to bring evidence-based home visiting services to families throughout Philadelphia. Holistic, strengths-based family support is provided to build healthier children, more resilient families. In turn, children develop more optimally and enter kindergarten ready for greater success in the classroom.

Lizz has worked in the field of Community Health since completing nursing school at the Community College of Philadelphia in 2012. Her commitment to the field has led her to pursue her Masters in Public Health through the School of Public Health at Drexel University, graduating in 2017. She looks forward to growing personally and professionally while working amongst the diverse communities in the great city of Philadelphia.

Mac Taylor

Mac Donald P. Taylor Jr. (Mac), is a graduate of Delaware County Community College, receiving his Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies where he was selected as one of six students internationally as an Achieving the Dream Scholars and is an honorary member of PHI THETA KAPPA. He interned with SeniorLAW Center and was a victim advocate assisting senior citizens who have been a victim of a crime.

Most recently Mac was advocating for returning citizens with pardon and expungement work with Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity. Mac has a passion to be a voice and to use his personal journey to be a mentor and advocate for the underserved and disenfranchised and now serves as Paralegal with NNCC's partner HELP:MLP a medical legal partnership with Widener Delaware School of Law. Mac is also one of two IPV/DV Champions that provide internal support for our home visiting staff as they assist their clients.

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